All the Dark Places

Coming December 2011

Rose Calloway was one of those delightfully eccentric old ladies who are either bright as a button or mad as a hatter. At least she had been yesterday. Today she was neither. Today she was dead.

Rose Calloway is the grand dame of the Oxford literary scene. Now she is being made a real Dame, and she marks the ceremony by claiming to have witnessed a series of grisly murders. But no one takes any notice of the ravings of an old woman with Alzheimers. Besides, the murders she describes are all taken from the plots of her own novels.

No one, that is, except her interior designer, Tommy West, who takes a second look at those novels. And wonders if they mightn’t be hiding the truth behind real murders, that took place almost half a century ago as Oxford struggled to come to terms with the changing world of the 1960s, and young tutor Rose Calloway found herslef in the middle of a turbulent counterculture of protests, sex, drugs and who knows what else.

Tommy would ask her what part she played in those events. Were it not for the fact he’s just turned up for work at her house and found her dead on the kitchen floor.


2 Responses to “All the Dark Places”

  1. Really enjoyed the company of fellows so looking forward to this next book. Hope that it does well for you

  2. Wow, thank you so much, Liz.

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