Puzzles form a central part of the Tommy West novels. All of them, but in particular book three, Harlequin is Dead, scheduled for a 2012 release, and which centres on a super-high IQ society (while doing the research for which I was privileged to get to talk to the intelligence legend Ron Hoefflin). I thought it might be fun to leave the odd puzzle for readers. Feel free to leave suggestions for answers and reasoning in the comments, and as soon as one bunch is solved, I hope more will appear.

  1. Use of a dictionary : vocab :: use of “and” and “but” : ?
  2. solitaire : wings :: domino : ?
  3. Grass : drum :: Baum : ?
  4. strangulation : M & Y :: alcoholism : ?
  5. whale : Melville :: leopards : ?
  6. Delaunay : colour :: Holland : ?

One Response to “Puzzles”

  1. I’m guessing the third is something to do with Gunter Grass and The Little Drummer Boy, but other than that I’m stumped…

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