How Long is a Piece of Rope: Robin Morris

Mama by Robin Reed is available for Kindle for $2.99

or £2.15 in the UK

She is also the author of Halloween Skies and Other Nightmares ($0.99)


As the Conover family drives from L.A. to Chicago, increasingly strange things begin to happen. Nine year old Michael sees a face form in the glass of the car’s window. Fourteen year old Alison sees two creepy children outside the family’s motel room. A car follows them, then purposely hits them and speeds away.

Mama has found the Conovers and is using them as a lesson for her children. Mama is relentless, Mama is powerful, and Mama will not stop until the Conovers are dead.

Robin Morris is the author of bunches of short stories, which have been published here and there, and collected in “Halloween Sky and Other Nightmares.” “Mama” is her first novel. She lives in Southern California, just because she was told that’s where writers are supposed to live. She has two cats, no spouse, and an insatiable desire to scare people silly.

1. “Mama” is way better than “Dean Koontz’ Frankenstein” but one day I’d really like to be as good as Dean Koontz’ “Odd Thomas” books.

 2. You will just love my book if you enjoyed anything by Stephen King, but if you’re a fan of anything by Stephenie Meyer steer well clear.

3. Bullets come from the barrel of a gun

 4. How do you see the role of food in the contemporary thriller and where does “Mama” fit into the spectrum?

       People don’t eat enough in thrillers. They run, they jump, they drive cars fast, but they go for days without eating much. I wonder how they keep going, frankly. In “Mama” I make sure that my characters get enough to eat, or I tell you if they are hungry. Also, I make sure not to feed anything to Mama’s kids that will make them sick. Mama doesn’t like that.

5. How would it affect the direction “Mama” takes if the action were moved wholesale to the set of Glee in chapter 7?

  In Chapter Seven of “Mama,” Nevada state trooper Arun (Andy) Samrin is trapped in the trunk of his own police car while Mama drives it,  chasing the Conover family at high speed. If the cars plunged into the set of “Glee” they would run over most of the kids as they sang, killing them instantly. Then Mama would get out of the police cruiser and kill the rest. This would make me happy.

6. When you’re writing, would you rather look out at the sea, or in at your thoughts?

       The sea is a churning mass of liquid, hiding preposterous creatures in its depths. My thoughts are pretty much the same. When I am writing, either one will do.

 7. When writing, do you start at the beginning and keep going, or start at the end and work back?

       I start at the beginning because I usually don’t know exactly what the ending will be.

8. A great villain or a great hero?

    These terms are relative. Mama is doing the right thing for her children, but so is Lee Conover, the mother of Alison and Michael. In order for one of the mothers to do the right thing, the other     one must die. So who is the hero and who is the villain?

 9. “Mama” will change the way a reader looks at mirrors, car windows, steel, and roads, all ways for Mama to enter our world and seek to destroy us.

10. How long is a piece of rope?

 Longer than it needs to be, but shorter than I want it to be.


~ by danholloway on July 12, 2011.

7 Responses to “How Long is a Piece of Rope: Robin Morris”

  1. Wow! This sounds gruesome! Well, there’s a big audience now for this sort of thing – see Stephen King, for instance. All the best with it, Robin.
    Another fascinating post, Dan. Shared and tweeted, as always.

  2. thank you so much, Gerry. I’m wondering ifn maybe there’s anything you’ like to talk about for a blog post or something else I could do for you/Belfast Girls here?

  3. Thanks for the interview!

  4. I read “Mama” about a month ago and I haven’t driven since! One cannot be a horror fan without reading this.

  5. Nairb, I would love to use your comment in my book promotion.

  6. Hi, I have the same name as you but live in South Africa. Also a writer…ditto. My web site is:
    Love your work…!

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