How Long is a Piece of Rope: Nick Steckel

The Animals by Nick Steckel is available for Kindle for $2.99

and Kindle UK for £2.10

It is Thanksgiving Day. Normally a day of joy, gratitude, and feasting, it soon becomes a day of inconceivable horror. Every animal, including mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, and insects, have inexplicably begun to attack and kill the humans who have abused and exploited them. In one instant, all earth’s creatures’ instincts become focused on one goal: The extermination of all humanity. For a group of celebrants at a gala buffet at a restaurant on the Mississippi River, Thanksgiving becomes a constant struggle to fight the animals and live through the onslaught. But even if they do escape the restaurant, what will the rest of the world be like?

And so to the nitty gritty

1. The Animals is way better than anything Stephen King churns out but one day I’d really like to be as good as The Mist because I think that was an off-day for Stephen King. By “off” I mean “off of cocaine”, of course.
2. You will just love my book if you enjoyed the last apocalyptic “aw crap things are going to hell in a handbasket” romp but if you’re a fan of Nicholas Sparks steer well clear.
3. The solution to all of life’s problems comes from the barrel of a gun
4. How do you see the role of food in the contemporary thriller and where does The Animals fit into the spectrum?
I love this question. Food plays a role in the contemporary thriller in that food is required for any author to write. For example, the Buffalo Chicken pizza from Domino’s has inspired much of my writing. As for the second part of this question, in The Animals one of the things the animals are annoyed about is being eaten by humans. If you’re a vegetarian, you still aren’t safe, though, so feel free to keep eating those Buffalo Chicken pizzas. It also helps that the setting of The Animals is a large restaurant on Thanksgiving Day. Since Thanksgiving is known primarily for eating food, this fits in quite well. Now then, I have to go get some more of that pizza I ordered. Excuse me.
*burp* Ah, much better.
5. How would it affect the direction The Animals takes if the action were moved wholesale to the set of Glee in chapter 7?
A large bridge would collapse onto all of the characters of Glee, much improving both ratings and the show itself.
6. When you’re writing, would you rather look out at the sea, or in at your thoughts?
In at my thoughts, where I can imagine an ocean. One made of anything I want, such as sulfuric acid or Pepsi or Thousand Island dressing.
7. When writing, do you start at the beginning and keep going, or start at the end and work back?
I’m unique in that regard. I start in the middle and flip an coin as to what direction to go in.
8. A great villain or a great hero?
In Fight Club, it’s both in the same person, and that’s the way it should be. And Darth Vader is Luke’s father, the City is just a huge asteroid/spaceship, and Rosebud is a sled.
9. The Animals will change the way a reader looks at guinea pigs.
10. How long is a piece of rope?
I’d ask my friends on Facebook this, but I’m afraid of the answers I’d get. Bunch of perverts.

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