A Very Big Thank You

Buy the Company of Fellows for 70p for Kindle in the UK

To everyone who voted and made The Company of Fellows the Favourite Oxford Novel in the Blackwell’s Bookshop readers’ poll. And equally to Blackwell’s for not only running the poll but for graciously saying they would display The Company of Fellows despite the fact it was not on their original list fo contenders. That’s above and beyond. I’l be taking copies round this week. I would utterly recommend everyone who voted to open themselves an account at Blackwell’s online and consider them as an alternative to Amazon.

And also, whilst I’m thanking, a massive thank you to the 1776 people who bought The Company of Fellows for UK Kindle in May alone and propelled it into the overall top 100 charts not only on Kindle but Amazon UK’s overall fiction chart. The book is now on the cusp of the top 50, which is beyond my wildest whatnots. I look forward to celebrating with an event in the near future.

Meanwhile, any and all purchases are hugely welcome – don’t forget you don’t need a Kindle – the Kindle app is free for your phone, Mac or PC. The book’s still just 70p here.

And anyone who comes to see me at The New Libertines show at Stoke Newington Literary Festival this weekend will be able to buy the paperback for the knockdown price of £8. The last few tickets can be bought from the box office here.




~ by danholloway on June 1, 2011.

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