How Long is a Piece of Rope: Nigel P Bird

I first came across the really rather super Nigel P Bird on the writers’ site Youwriteon. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed on Nigels’s delightfully eccentric Dancing with Myself column. It’s a joy to be able to reciproctae on my equally eccentric but undoubtedly less delightful column.

Dirty Old Town (and other stories) is available to download for 69p for Kindle from UK Amazon.

DIRTY OLD TOWN is the debut collection from the prize-winning writer Nigel Bird. His brilliantly observed slices of life allow us to visit places we may not normally choose to enter and to walk a few miles in the shoes of others.

Though his tales have darkness at their core, they are also full of a heart and spirit that one rarely finds in the world or ‘noir’ or ‘crime-writing’.

There are 9 stories here: Drinking Wine (Spo-Dee-Oh-Dee); Dirty Old Town; Sea Minor; Sisterhood; One Hundred And Ten Per Cent; Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight); Three Little Birds; and Silver Street. Each will remain with you for days after you’ve read it. Some will be around for weeks.

In this collection we meet a frustrated housewife who needs to let her hair down; an elderly school janitor who can’t see the wood for the trees; a group of Muslims intent on revenge; a young girl whose father has just left home; a father and son breaking-and-entering partnership; a young man working on a city farm; and a pimp who’s fallen in love. All of them struggle to meet life’s demands and some of them cope better than others.

Five of the stories here have been published by the highly respected editors of The Reader Magazine, A Twist Of Noir, Beat To A Pulp, Title Fights, Static Movement and Dark Valentine. The collection also includes two pieces that are being given their first outing and another that was put together put for the Big Beat From Badsville’s Ramones series.

In 2010 Nigel Bird was the winner of the prestigious Watery Grave Invitational competition hosted by the Drowning Machine. Since then he has gone on to win the Things I’d Rather Be Doing fairytale/crime-story competition.

And now, in Nigel’s own words…

1. Dirty Old Town is way better than Janet And John books, but one day I’d really like to be as good as Richard Price. 

2.   You will just love my book if you enjoyed any of the Akashic Books Noir Series, but if you’re a fan of Mills and Boone romances, steer well clear.  More Old Testament than New.
3. The four horsemen come from the barrel of a gun
4. How do you see the role of food in the contemporary thriller and where does DirtyOldTown  fit into the spectrum?

I guess you’re hoping I’ll be controversial.  As far as I’m concerned, e-food is just as nutritious as               the stuff you get on plates and that’s about all there is to it.
5. How would it affect the direction DirtyOldTown takes if the action were moved wholesale to the set of Glee in chapter 7? 

DirtyOldTownwould have the good sense to get the hell out of there, soaking up all the light as it passed through to leave the whole thing bathed in darkness.

6. When you’re writing, would you rather look out at the sea, or in at your thoughts?

Fortunately, if I crane my neck, I can see the sea from my window and manage both at the same time.
7. When writing, do you start at the beginning and keep going, or start at the end and work back?

First off comes the idea.  It sits and rattles around inside me until other ideas grow from it.  Once the voice arrives (and that is sometimes only when I physically begin) I’m ready to go.  If I have a rough idea of an ending that helps.
8. A great villain or a great hero?

The Count Of Monte Cristo is my greatest hero.  Justified, determined and, in the end, merciful.
9. Dirty Old Town will change the way a reader looks at the people they gaze down upon. 

10. How long is a piece of rope?

About as long as the distance between the pole and the end of my tether.
Thank you so much for your time!


~ by danholloway on April 19, 2011.

3 Responses to “How Long is a Piece of Rope: Nigel P Bird”

  1. I started the collection this week and I’ve really been enjoying it. =)

  2. I’m delighted you’re enjoying it. Nigel is a fiendishly talented chap, as well as being lovely

  3. Great fun, I enjoyed that – thanks! And Dirty Old Town is a cracking read, I enjoyed that, too. Can’t be bad! 🙂

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