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Whilst Tommy West loves nothing so much as the abstract expressionism of Willem De Kooning, Oxford is home to all kinds of art to suit every kind of art lover.

There is plenty of time to look at permanent galleries like Modern Art Oxford, Art Jericho, and the Ashmolean, but now is the perfect time to plan what to see and where this May during Oxford’s annual extravaganza, Artweeks.

From May 7-30th hundreds of artists of all kinds will be opening their houses and workshops, and occupying public spaces to exhibit and sell their work. From 7-15 May South Oxfordshire will be on display, North Oxfordshire from 14-22, and the city itself from 21-30 May. In all there will be more than 500 shows, so start planning!

To make it easier, there’s a fantastic interactive map here.

Some highlights include

Alison Morris’ jewellery

Stone and glass from Vital J Peeters

all pictures from the Artweeks 2011 website


~ by danholloway on March 29, 2011.

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